June 20, 2024

Where Should I Go and What Should I Do While in Kona, Hawaii?

Are you making plans to visit Hawaii soon? Millions of people visit Hawaii every year, so you’re definitely not alone. It is no wonder Hawaii is one of the most popular holiday spots, what with its beautiful beaches, fascinating fauna, and high-end hotels.

The Hawaiian islands of O’ahu and Maui attract a lot of sightseers. This makes perfect sense because Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, is located on the island of O’ahu, which is a tropical paradise. However, Maui is home to breathtaking beaches that are perfect for extreme surfers. But what else can tourists see while exploring Hawaii’s other islands?

The Kona region, located on the largest island, Big Island, receives fewer visitors but provides just as much, if not more, adventure. There is just as much vibrant culture and exciting things to do. Kona is easy to reach, which is great news if you’re planning a trip there. Is your curiosity piqued to explore a secret Hawaii? Here are some of the top activities to do while visiting Kona.

Stop by Kailua Village, a historic site
Kailua-Kona is a city on the Big Island’s western coast that has a rich history. King Kamehameha, who united the Hawaiian Islands in the early 1800s, once lived in this region, and that fact is notable.

With Hulihee Palace as their summer retreat, the region continued to be a popular destination for Hawaiian aristocracy. The building now serves as a museum where visitors may examine a variety of Victorian relics and gain insight into the royal family’s past.

You can relax with a little retail therapy or refuel at one of the many nearby eateries after a day of learning about and touring this ancient hamlet. Visit Kailua Village to begin delving into the intricate history of Hawaii if you are a first-time visitor to the islands.

Dive under the dark sky with manta rays
While snorkeling is a popular pastime in Hawaii, nothing compares to the Kona night snorkel with manta rays. This journey lives up to its enthralling description. Typically, you will meet up with your party at a prearranged checkpoint, then hop on a boat for the little journey to the viewing spot. After that, the guiding boats will lower you overboard into the pitch-black sea.

You, as a group, float through the water, illuminating the bottom with large, waterproof lights. You will soon be able to see manta rays feeding, swooping, and gliding beneath you. These fish can reach a length of 12 feet from tip to tip.

Does that seem a little scary? Most likely. Does that seem like something you’ll never forget? Without a doubt, The going rate is about $100. The price includes everything you need for snorkeling, including gear, guides, and refreshments like tea or sandwiches. Your guide works very hard to ensure that your trip is one to remember; therefore, it’s wise to leave them a tip.

Take a distillery tour
Kona is best known for coffee, which is likely the most well-known product. Hawaii’s mountain slopes cultivate the arabica beans used to make Kona coffee. Locals have fine-tuned this area’s coffee for generations, and it shows.

Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation is one of several small coffee farms to choose from if you’re on a tighter budget. The establishment offers complimentary 20-minute tours to guests, during which they may receive complimentary samples. This coffee is believed to have an unparalleled flavor profile, with a delicate yet rich flavor that will make you fall in love.

Go on a boat ride to Kealakekua Bay
The Department of Land and Natural Resources claims that Captain Cook met his untimely end in a confrontation with indigenous Hawaiians near Kealakekua Bay, which is located in Kona. A monument in the harbor honors Cook, the first European to reach the chronicled islands, at the site of his death.

To see this landmark and learn about the area’s history at the same time, you can take a cruise. Additionally, some cruises provide snorkeling excursions in the bay. The bay is rich with marine life and is also a significant historical site. In the winter, one can even spot humpback whales.

Overall View
Traveling to Hawaii is an absolute must if you’re looking for a destination that combines excitement, culture, and relaxation. Everyone considering a trip to Hawaii should stay informed about the current state of tourism.

There is widespread worry among native Hawaiians that their islands are becoming overly reliant on tourism. Some people think that when there are a lot of tourists, it puts a lot of pressure on locals to work occupations that don’t pay enough. There are many who believe that the influx of tourists has exacerbated Maui’s water crisis. When visiting Hawaii, it’s important to be frugal so that you can fully experience the islands.

No matter where your travels take you, staying updated on topics won’t harm you. Your choices for vacation spots and how to spend your money will improve. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to really grasp the essence of Hawaii. Isn’t that the essence of traveling?

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